About Me or Who am I

To tell who I am is like trying to put a puzzle together.  R.W. Hampton sang a song, Born to be a cowboy.  Well I have worked too many jobs to list, but I have always been a cowboy at heart and many times a working cowboy.  I have worked on 3 large ranches, working cattle.  I have worked at a feed lot (pen rider) and at a sale barn as a pen back rider.  I even rodeo-ed but never won a dime.  There were times when we were in the saddle 10 to 14 hours a day and I still couldn't make a living as a working cowboy and support my family so I had to change. 


          Now God has blessed me with a lot of talent.  The last 28 years I have owned a private detective agency and prior to that I worked at a prison.  Before 1975 I was a carpenter, cement finisher, roofing superintendent and many more construction jobs.


          I didn't return to God until 1983.  In 1970 I lost my first wife and oldest son in a car accident.  My second son survived and has had over 80 surgeries since then.  Well I blamed God for many years.  A well meaning-ed christian lady came up to me in the funeral home and said it was God's will.  She went on to say that God will not give you more than you can stand.  Well I got angry and stayed angry with God for many years.  God was patient with me and I returned to him and am still serving him today.  It took a long time for me to realize that God gave the drunk drive the choice.  He chose to drive, not God.


          In 1986 I told the Lord I would go wherever he wanted.  Well he sent me to Wichita, Kansas.   Well God and I have been arguing ever since, but he always wins.  I finally realized why he brought me to this area.  He had me start a cowboy church in 2003.  I told the Lord I would start his cowboy church but I wasn't going to preach.  Well you guessed it, 6 months later, he made me preach and now you know the rest of the story.

Pastor Dan Boyd