8-24-13:  Been out of wifi range and out of pocket for a few days, so this old Cowboy Preacher will try to keep it short.  This past Saturday (a week ago) we had the honor of riding our horses on the Gettysburg Battle field.  Tomorrow we will post a photo album of all the pictures we took.  We have been here over a week waiting for the mail and the next years tags for our truck to arrive.  Folks its amazing of the Top Hand Christians that our Lord has put in our path. Even when I have been sitting in the truck while I have been waiting on my wife.  People have seen the signs on the truck, stop and talk to me and given donations to the journey.  Thank God for good Americans.  When we leave here (hopefully by Tuesday morning) we will be heading for the Chesapeake and Ohio canal in Maryland we hope to ride it close to Highway 81.  If you know anybody around there where we could park our trailer and turn our horses out we would appreciate a call, please let us know.  Look forward to hearing from you.  Until we meet, Stay Safe in the Saddle and Out of the Wire.

8-19-13 I was asked to bring 2 messages today at 10am and 7pm.  The sermon was 2 parts, Sunday Bench Warmers or Top Hands for Jesus.  Here is the link to the first video. 
First String,or Sunday Bench Warmers by Pastor Dan Boyd


8-17-13  Sorry we were unable to send a message but we were in a primitive camp ground (no water, no electric, no facilities) way back in Michaux state forest in Caldonia State Park where we spent the night.  We had to take care of a bunch of errands today and we headed to Gettysburg and headed the wrong way.  We met up with a friend and we are going to be riding on the Battlefield tomorrow.  I have to back up, The past month we spent 2 wonderful weeks with Susie and Paul Graham of Jesus Loves Cowboys at Cow Town Rodeo.  Also 2 wonderful weeks with Lamar and Mary Lee Troup and their daughter Dee Dee Harvey and her husband Chris and their two children Claire and Burch.  Believe me this past month we stayed with some First String Christians.  They took the challenge early in life and their kids and grandkids are also First String Christians.  In cowboy terms best thing you can say about a cowboy “He’s a top hand” these folks are “Top Hands for Jesus”.  Now for the song of the day.  Rusty Rierson’s “It’s a Fine Time to Get Born Again”.  This is the Christian version of “You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucile”.

Rusty Riersons "It's A Fine Time to get Born Again"

7-24-13:  I come to everyone tonight in prayer and I have to report yesterday the Drs told Gary there was no infection.  I received a call tonight from Gary and the Drs came back today and told him there was infection in the bone in the stump of his left leg.  They said it was misdiagnosed. We don’t know how far up the infection is.  Bone infection is the hardest thing to cure.  I lost his mother and brother in a car accident in 1970 and Gary’s had over 80 surgeries since 1970 because of that accident.  He is tired and he does not want to let them take his knee.  I feel helpless and I can do nothing except pray and try to encourage Gary.  With everything that has happened recently Satan is attacking on all sides not just us but a lot of you out there and we will continue to pray for you, for our friends, and my son.  We are not going to let Satan win so I am asking all of you to join me in prayer and please ask your friends to join us in prayer for Gary.  We know he hears every single prayer so let’s all gather in prayer.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  In spite of everything I will continue to praise God.

For pictures check out our FaceBook page:

Newspaper links for Cowboy Church this Sunday.
Take a look

Misadventures: Grace and I rode from Bethel Maine to Shelburne New Hampshire we were stopped several times by people to talk to us about our journey and our Mission.  After spending the first night we were invited to go for a ride up a mountain logging road.  Gary Grace and I rode with a nice lady who grew up here.  We rode up a steep, steep!!! mountain road When we got to the peak of this small mountain we turned around and headed back.  Gary was in his buggy when Molly (the mare) tried to go off roading when the buggy hit a bump and threw Gary he held onto the reins and Molly stood still waiting for him to get back up.  Gary said he would wait there while we took the horses back down the mountain.  Grace ponied my horse Bubba and I walked Molly for about a 100 yards then I got on the buggy and drove her back to the barn where we were keeping the horses.  I got in the truck and drove back up the mountain where I found Gary up and walking on his crutches when he told me he landed on his head I knew he would be alright.  It runs in the family we are hard headed and stubborn.  Comes in handy once in a while.  He was sore but he is okay.  The weather forecast is for rain for the next 5 days so we are going to try to have Cowboy Church in the dirt at the park here in Shelburne NH Sunday morning.  Looks like we will not be able to ride until Wednesday the 12th.  Well its complete, I had an ugly dismount in Kernes TX, Grace’s horse fell in a sink hole in Ola Louisiana and fell from her horse and now it was only fitting that Gary have his wreck in New Hampshire and we pray for no more.  Stay tuned for more misadventures of The Last Circuit Riding Preacher and family.  Stay Safe in the Saddle and Out of the Wire. As always God Bless.

Notes for May:

Gary and I rode today, Gary in the buggy and I on Bubba.  Pictures to follow.

Well folks we started riding from Vassalboro Maine to Augusta Maine.  We stayed at Hemphills Stables, tack, and feed while it rained if in Maine stop by and visit them.  They are wonderful people and allowed us to stay there for 8 days while we waited out the weather.

We were stopped during the journey by a newspaper reporter from the Kennebeck Journal to take photos and ask about our journey.  We were also stopped by several residents who wanted to talk and see the horses and ask where we were going, they were all very gracious and thanked us for the work we were doing for the Lord. 

We are staying with the Hill Country Stables the horses are in a Paddock beside the trailer.

As always I pray You stay safe in the saddle and out of the wire.
That's founded in Christ and resist Satan's traps.

Cowboy Pastor Dan Boyd

Sunday we went to Vassalboro Maine Baptist church and was asked to speak and share the benefits of our journey I am talking about the young man we were able to help in East Wilkes Barre PA, I am going to ask for everybody to pray for this young man and his family.  I give thanks to Jesus for giving us the opportunity to help people like this young man.  I will share more with you about this young mans needs in the near future.  Thank you in advance for your prayers.  We gave thanks to our Veterans for their service and sacrifice that we may be free today they died for our freedom Jesus died for our souls.

We went to visit an 81 year old traveling horse woman today she helped us map a route through Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts.  We hope to be through those states and Rhode Island, and New Jersey by the end of June.  Please pray for financial help for this journey.

My deepest apologies as I have not kept in touch with everybody in the past month or 2 we've had some financial difficulties ie with trailer tires, truck tires, and air conditioner on the truck.  Air conditioning we don't need now because we are in Maine it has rained the last 3 days and it is supposed to be in the 30s tonight.  The horses sure do enjoy being in a closed barn.  Pray for our financial needs and safe travel as we begin riding the horses South this Tuesday.  Stay safe in the saddle and out of the wire (that means founded in Christ and resist Satan's traps), Cowboy Pastor Dan Boyd

Notes from April:

What good is it my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds?  Can such faith save him?  Suppose a brother of sister is without clothes and daily food.  If one of you says to him, “Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well fed,”: but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it?  In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.   JAMES 2:14-18

Stay safe in the saddle (means Founded in Christ) and Out of the wire (means Resist Satan’s Traps).

The Last Circuit Riding Preacher Cowboy Pastor Dan Boyd


First let me say that this journey is not done to glorify circuit riding preachers, cowboys or the cowboy lifestyle.  I am doing this to glorify Jesus Christ who bled and died for our sins.  I am just doing it the cowboy way.

Cowboy Pastor Dan will be preaching along the way, collecting stories of faith, values and hardship from country folks. Most important is that Jesus and Pastor Dan will be helping those who cannot help themselves.

The Last Circuit Riding Preacher

Our Heavenly Father, we pause at this time,
mindful of the many blessings you have bestowed upon us.
We ask, Lord, that you will be with us in the arena of life.

  We as cowboys do not ask for special favors.
We don't ask to draw around the chute fighting horse, the steer that won't lay, or to never break the barrier.

We don't even ask for all daylight runs.

We do ask Lord, that you will help us live our lives here on earth as cowboys, in such a manner, that when we make that last inevitable ride, to the country up there, where the grass grows lush, green, and stirrup high, and the water runs cool, clear, and deep, that you'll take us by the hand and say -


"Welcome to Heaven cowboy, your entry fees are paid."

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