Cowboy Partnership

Would you please consider becoming a cowboy partner with The Last Circuit Riding Preacher?  You can make a one time contribution or you can be a monthly cowboy partner.  Your help will pay for expenses, but more importantly your financial help will pay for building material needs.  We will need your help so we can help those who cannot help themselves. 

All of our monthly cowboy partners will be recognized in a book that will be published at the end of my journey.  Cowboy partners will all be mentioned in the book. Partners will also received an autographed copy of the book and a complete set of the video of scenery and interviews with people we have helped and the stories we collected for the book.

To be a monthly cowboy partner you can soon use paypal.  All sponsors will receive a receipt for tax deduction. For now you can send your contributions to;    Mailing address

                   The Last Circuit Riding Preacher

                   P.O. Box 444

                   Benton, Ks. 67017

                    Phone: 316-722-1609

 You can also help us by contacting your local TV, radio, newspaper or magazine for possible stories.  We need all of the coverage we can get.  This too will help get financial support so we can help families along the way. 


You can also help by contacting your local churches.  This will allow us to share what God has done to share his word and the people we have helped.  God Bless You for your help.

A Call for Help