Stories of Faith, you won't want to miss

1. Before we began preparation for this journey I met a lady who shared her story.  She said I could share her story.  She met her second husband while he was in prison and married him while he was in prison.  When he got out he was a good husband and a good father to her children.  He served our Lord and the church for over 25 years until his death.  She never told anybody at her church.  I told her that she needs to share his story so those at church know that people can change.


2. A good friend of mine has been a cowboy all of his life.  Marv has never worked a job other than that relating to the cowboy life.  He has rodeo-ed, worked at feed lots, ranches, livestock sale barns and buying and selling cattle and horses.  He is one of the best horse trainers I have ever met.  But most importantly he has served our savior Jesus Christ all of his life.  When other cowboys got drunk and crazy he served our Lord and was a good witness.

 I worked with him at a livestock sale barn for the past 2 years.  All of the other cowboys watched to see how he would act and if he would laugh at their dirty jokes, he didn't.  He has been an example of how a Christian should act.  He has given thanks to God, even in rough times, bad weather and adversity.  God broke the mold for cowboys after he made Marv and I am proud to call him my friend.

3. Your story!